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I Am God Made Manifest

In Thandiwe Folotiya’s I Am God Made Manifest, understand your purpose: be who you are, accept all that is, live in harmlessness, see the illusion, be discerning, live simply and live as community.
For years I was discontent and yearning for more. When my restlessness turned into outright misery, I knew I had to find some answers. The answers came to me in a way I least expected.

I Am God Made Manifest takes you through my personal journey with spirituality, based on the Seven Spiritual Truths by the wise and loving John the Beloved.
These ancient truths have helped me understand my purpose. These truths have enabled me understand my purpose, offering life-changing solutions that are present but unseen in our everyday lives.

These truths have enabled me to figure out who I am (Be Who You Be) as I learn and grow from the circumstances of my life (Accept All That Is).

As I navigate each day while trying to hold no judgment about what I encounter (Live in Harmlessness), I become mindful of the energies around me, how they affect me, and the choices I make (See the Illusion).

As I become discerning about what to do with these energies (Be Discerning), I acknowledge that my fears and beliefs will affect my ability to live my purpose (Live in Simplicity) as I contribute to the world around me (Live as Community).




Thandiwe Folotiya has given us an astute, articulate record of her journey to enlightenment through dedicated and self-directed spiritual development. Turning an analytical lawyer’s mind inward, Folotiya deftly explores her life’s choices in the light of familial history, pop culture influences, and the philosophical drive that motivates us all to question and discover our true purpose on Earth. This insightful, yet introspective autobiography applies the Seven Spiritual Truths as transcribed from interactions with the wise and generous spiritual guide John the Beloved, and Folotiya offers all of this with a healthy dose of humor, grace, and aplomb. In straight-forward and conversational language, this book opens up the gates for others to pursue the deep knowledge and profound awareness the author had to find for herself—even when it felt like life could not get any darker, any lonelier. It is for Folotiya’s taking and sharing this bumpy path to her self-awareness and spiritual connection to God that another’s may be a bit smoother.

Robert Kidd, Editor in Chief

I finally finished reading Thandiwe Folotiya ‘s book I am God Made Manifest. It was a great book! Maybe because I read it at a time when I’m trying to reconnect with myself, understand my own life and what makes me happy etc. Some of it was hard to understand, perhaps even hard to accept but some concepts were just so powerfully true: be who you be, live harmlessly, live in community. So many other truths too. I do think its a great book to read, and also makes you rethink everything you were taught about God and religion, of which I think the less open-minded people might find hard to swallow – so will be interesting to see that conversation unfold too. Get your copy today!

Catherine Phiri, Zambia